Botanical Cabinet

The Botanical Cabinet
The Botanical Cabinet is another example of the grand nineteenth century botanical periodical.  The magazine was published monthly by Loddiges & Sons in London from 1817-1833.  There were 2,000 charming hand-coloured engravings delineated from living specimens grown in  Loddiges' own nursery.  It was initiated by Conrad Loddiges, a Dutch horticulturalist who relocated to Hackney in London and later established his famous nursery there.  The periodical was like a catalogue for the plants which were offered for sale. The text descriptions are brief and sometimes "highly romantic and scarcely scientific" (Howson).

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#LO0038 Epacris attennata
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#LO0630 Acacia melanoxylon
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Botanical prints, Botanical Cabinet

#LO0909 Acacia
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