Antonio Jose Cavanilles

Australian botanical prints, Cavanilles
Antonio José Cavanilles 1745-1804

Antonio José Cavanilles was born in Valencia, Spain. He was a botanist and a clergyman who worked in Paris and Madrid. In 1801 he was appointed Director of the Madrid Botanical Gardens and professor of botany.

In 1793 a Spanish expedition visited Port Jackson. The two botanists on board made collections in the vicinity. This material was passed on to Cavanilles who illustrated and described the specimens in his Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum (1791-1801). The illustrations of Australian plants were metal engravings based on Cavanilles' own drawings. The plates were engraved by Vinz. Lopez Enguidanos and José de Fonseca.

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Australian botanicals, Cavanilles

#CAV570 Acalypha glandulosa
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